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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

By submitting an enquiry to us via our website, you are inviting us to contact you via your supplied contact details. We do not collect this personal information to contact you for anything other than your claim. We also do not sell your personal data to any third party. Your contact details will only be used by us to contact you in regards to your claim.

What’s a cookie?

Computer cookies are small text files that a website transfers to your computer. Cookies cannot harm your computer and are anonymous. They do not contain any information that could be used to identify you, nor do they contain any confidential information such as your email address or name. Therefore they are completely safe, but EU legislation requires us to inform you about their use.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes. Like the majority of websites on the internet, we use Google Analytics which helps us understand how people use our site. For example it shows us how many people visit each day and which pages they go to. Google Analytics uses cookies to get this data. We also use cookies to stop the ‘this site uses cookies’ message from reappearing after you OK it.

Can I turn cookies off?

Cookies can improve your experience on the web by remembering who you are so you don’t have to keep entering passwords, and to stop one-time messages from continually reappearing. However if you wish to reject cookies, you can configure your browser to do so, either for all websites or just for a particular website. For help on how to do this, enter ‘how to disable cookies’ into a search engine.

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